Introducing: Conquering CIRS

An 8-hour course that covers "all things mold"

in bite-sized chunks.

CIRS stands for "Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome"

and is often caused by exposure

to water-damaged buildings.

Comprehensive but Digestible

A 3-Part Course (plus bonus content) that covers:

An overview of CIRS from mold exposure
How to test buildings for mold effectively
How to test your body for mold toxicity (covers both Shoemaker and naturopathic/functional approaches)
Tips for successful mold remediation
Expert-supported approaches to treatment
6 B's for Beating Mold: my approach to healing
Beyond mold: neural-limbic healing resources
Bonus content: real patient case studies
Product recommendations, links, handouts and tools in one organized place


"Amber is amazing. Knowledgeable and very experienced. She’s helped me get out of a severely unhealthy spot into a place of stability and understanding of root issues. I’m forever grateful for her care!"

-Client EM

Connecting Dots

"Amber's knowledge, compassion and perfect mix of evidence-based practice with thinking outside the box has helped me connect the dots with my mast cell activation symptoms and also recover from an acute mold reaction. Amber understands the overlap of multiple symptoms and helps point you in the direction of what you may need to decrease acute symptoms and also long-term changes for health over the long haul. As a physical therapist myself, it takes a lot to trust a practitioner with my wonky symptoms and Amber is a very trusted resource."

-Client LP


"Amber's compassion, depth of knowledge, and quality of care are exceptional. As a professional colleague, I am grateful for our ability to collaborate on patient care to improve healthcare outcomes. Amber is truly a leader in providing holistic care for POTS, EDS, and MCAS."

-Client JK

Course Review

"Amber has put together an amazing resource for understanding how to really heal on the mold journey. Her knowledge, not only as a specialized and gifted practitioner with this complicated challenge, but also as someone who has experienced this challenge herself, is unique, as deep as it is broad, and compelling. If you are a person living with mold illness and have no idea where to start, this is the place. You will receive the necessary education to be an active and empowered member of your own healing team. If you are a practitioner who is curious and wants to receive a broad understanding of how mold may be keeping your patients from healing, this is the place to start for you too. It will help practitioners to identify persistent symptoms and direct patients to specialized resources, like Amber herself, to really heal their lives."
-Dr. Beth Anne Fisher

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"I've been seeing functional medicine doctors and naturopathic doctors for nearly 11 years. The mold testing has never come up. My husband said I would have never gotten this kind of info with anyone else."

-Client LL